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Emergency assistance to citizens of the Republic of Belarus

Being in the city of Geneva, in the case of emergency citizens of the Republic of Belarus may contact the Permanent Mission by the telephone:

+41 78 798 26 50


In cases requiring the assistance of the Belarusian consul in Switzerland, citizens of the Republic of Belarus should contact the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Switzerland at the following numbers:

+ 41 31 952 79 14 (officer on duty), + 41 31 952 76 81 (consular service).


Swiss emergency services:

 police — 117;

 fire service — 118;

 ambulance — 144;

 emergency assistance in car accidents — 140;

 helicopter rescue service — 1414;

 Switzerland’s unified emergency service — 112.



When staying in Geneva for tourist or business purposes be vigilant and careful, act depending on the situation. Only your compliance with the legislation of the Swiss Confederation, generally accepted standards of behavior and morals, as well as prevention of any action that compromises you can guarantee the personal safety.

When you are in the city, you should carry identification documents with you at all time. When using free public transport tickets issued by hotels, the passenger shall have an ID document. The absence of the document when checking tickets by the controller may entail forwarding to the police. The most unsafe places in Geneva are the quarter of Paki Navigacion (Pâquis Navigation) and the area of Cornavin railway station (Cornavin). For security reasons, these places are not recommended to visit at night time.


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